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Fraud Detection And Data Aggregation

June 28, 2018

This post aims to show you how we can quickly obtain a snapshot of various corporate governance red flags which increases your research/screening speed.


Our current platform provides you with: director/management ties to frauds, serial resignations, summary of legal data.


As an example, we look at a stock directed to us by a portfolio manager located in Hong Kong. The below screenshots are taken from our platform.


The stock: Minth Group Limited (425 HK)


Instant Findings

  • Several Directors/Sec. with links to major frauds – especially Yu Loke who was director at TIANHE chemicals right before the IPO

  • Regulator against Chairman and ex-directors/undisclosed related party transaction

  • 7 resignations during 1200% price surge (including Chairman of audit committee)

Here is a more detailed view of our platform.


The Relevant News part of our platform shows you regulators news. For more details, you can access the press release by clicking the link on the right side of the table.



You can also view a detailed list of the relationships and the fraudulent ties. Notice group Anonymous Analytics wrote two pieces against companies linked to directors at Minth Group.


Click table to zoom in



Finally, we look at resignation data. We find 7 resignations (including audit committee chairman) since the stock price surged 1200% starting 2009.To do so, you must click the links on the right side of each line items.


Here you go. Plenty of data to give you a snapshot of corporate governance red flags. It was easy to navigate. Your intern likely only needed a few minutes to get familiar with the platform.


Let us know if you would like to join our pilot project/free trial!


Want to partner with us? Please contact us: info@lyrainsight.com



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